Monument I – Sky

In this first attempted at a monument i was trying to explore the notion of the monument as sculpture beyond sculpture. I saw a parallel in this attempted in the notion of the “divine”, where the divine stands for beyond what is human. It is in its very concept one step beyond what is humanly possible.
Now looking back it was probably also one step beyond what i was capable of doing.
This sculpture was part of my graduation installation and partially it was my answer to the institute.
At the time I felt forced by the teachers to mainly focus on formal questions concerning artworks,  but personally I was looking for ways to put meaning in to my sculptures and i always considered (and still do) this as the most crucial element to an good artwork.
So I tried to make a massive monument more than 6m high in which I was somehow hoping to catch a bit of this experience of the divine and prove to the teachers that this content is more important for an artwork than all kinds of formal question.

Just for the record, in the end i graduated cum laude with this project.

The sculpture consists of a enormous plinth with nothing on top except captured air silhouetted through a wood outlined frame. Inside stands a case reminisced of a coffin but it is filled with bird food and actually offers life to nature and the surroundings. Here nature takes up a living space on the monument, it is not a static image but is constantly changing and breaths living energy. I got my inspiration from classical monuments such as those familiar to us from Italy and Germany but i tried to free it from any restricting ideology.


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