Unfair Livingroom installation

This installation I made for the Unfair art fair in Amsterdam.
During the sketching of this work I was considering how to present myself at an art fair.The Unfair offers a lot of space to play and so  I chose to mess with the context a bit. The objectification of art as it happens in an art fair was annoying me so i decided to take it to an extreme and quite truly present art as though they were just objects. I changed all the title’s of the works to the function they had in this particular installation. So i made work which was simply called book closet Through which I deny the fact that the most prominent position and the most surface space of the work was actually taken by paintings.The figure sculpture became a chair and the water carrier boy, i named simply: “lamp”.
It was a kind off a multi sided critique on the one hand questioning the function of art the art market and the uses and way’s of presenting art. And on the other hand a critique on design and the idea that design should be focused on function and that design objects don’t function primarily as esthetic objects in a space.




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